Our team

Amanda Sonesson


Co-founder and editor-in-chief. Currently based in Sweden. Mostly focused on questions concerning gender, politics and civil society in Russia and Central Asia.

Laura Royer


Co-founder. Currently based in Brussels, after spending a couple of years in Budapest. Mostly interested in Central and Eastern Europe. Also follows EU politics.

Francis Farrell


Newsletter lead editor. Budapest-based master’s student of politics and security, wanderer, and enthusiast photographer interested in elections frozen conflicts, protest movements, and media in post-communist Europe.

Michael Cole


Russia regional editor. Estonia-based PhD candidate interested in the social and cultural aspects of politics with a focus on Georgia, Ukraine, Poland, and of course, Russia. Twitter: @NotTheMikeCole

Renee Rippberger


Caucasus regional editor. Currently based in Yerevan, Armenia. Interested in all things related to white collar crime, transitional justice and human rights in the Caucasus and Eastern Europe.

Sydney Millar


Central Asia regional editor. Currently based in Virginia. Interested in topics relating to gender, politics, and contemporary art in Central Asia and Russia. Currently focusing on women’s rights in Kazakhstan.

Nicholas Morgan


Central Europe regional editor. Freelance journalist currently based in the United States. Interested in Russia’s influence in the region, security, and history.

Owen Howells


Balkans, Baltic and Eastern Europe regional editor. Based in the UK/Estonia. A history nerd with a penchant for Interbellum regional geopolitics. Additionally, a background in researching the viability of de-facto Independent States.

Zuzana Krulichová


Editor. Currently based in Prague. Mostly focused on Central European politics and the role of the CE countries within the EU and in a global context. Particularly interested in human rights, democracy and civil society.

Katherine Leung

Editor. A California based educator. As a 2014 Fulbright grant recipient, she taught English in the Russian cities of Samara, Kyzyl, Ulan-Ude, and Nakhodka. She is interested in Central Asian culture and identity.

James Davies

Proofreader. Former vice president of the Association of Foreign Affairs in Lund and a current member of the Swedish Civil Society Network for Eastern Partnership Countries and Russia.

Agnieszka Widlaszewska

Newsletter co-editor. Luxembourg-based political scientist-turned-auditor, passionate about the topics of European security and EU external action, in particular the European Neighbourhood Policy and EU-Russia relations.

Tijs van de Vijver

Newsletter co-editor. MA student of International Relations and Russia & Eurasian Studies at Leiden University. Interested in questions of energy, nationalism & nation-building, civil liberties, and Chinese presence in the wider post-Soviet space.

Maja Soomägi


Digital Media Officer. Maja Soomägi is a final year Central and East European Studies and Politics undergraduate student at the University of Glasgow. Academic interests include the social history of Central and Eastern Europe, political thought, and memory studies.

Teet Ottin


Digital media officer. Currently a Master’s student in Contemporary History at the University of Sussex. Originally from Estonia and a graduate of the University of Tartu in German Language and History. His research interests include the deconstruction of historical narratives and the evolution of Human Rights.


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