Lossi 36 Weekly - highlights from Central Europe to Central Asia

Every Monday morning, Lossi 36’s weekly newsletter brings you the latest news and headlines from the Baltics, the Balkans, the Caucasus, Central Asia, Central Europe, Eastern Europe and Russia. It is a newsletter that is co-created by local experts and area specialists from every corner of the world. It is for anyone – student or nerd, diplomat or policymaker – who is interested in one or more of the different regions that we focus on. 

With Lossi 36 Weekly, we strive to cover everything that is newsworthy in the world of politics, culture, and international affairs in an accessible and engaging fashion – without compromising on the complexities of current events.

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Lossi 36 Weekly is edited by Tijs van de Vijver, together with Agnieszka Widłaszewska and Chaharika Uppal.

For questions or comments, write us at newsletter@lossi36.com

Lossi 36 Weekly would not be possible without our regular contributors: Harold Chambers, Tatia Vakhtangadze, Xhorxina Molla, Cameron MacBride, Agnieszka Widlaszewska, Sam Appels, Thapanee Thubnonghee, Karolína Sugarová, Vira Kompaniiets, Bojidar Kolov, Qianrui Hu, Rachele Colombo, Bart Alting, Kirsty Dick, Sophie Gueudet, Ricardo Bergmann, Zadig Tisserand, Ana Robakidze, Chaharika Uppal, Marie Mach, Tijs van de Vijver, Francis Farrell, Myriam Marino, Charles Fourmi, Adriano Rodari, Martina Bergamaschi.