Lossi 36:
Two Years of Insight and Imagery

Two years ago, a group of bright, ambitious students launched a website called Lossi 36. I was not one of them. 

I joined the team a couple months later, as a copy editor. I was living in England and sorely missed Eastern Europe, the region where I had spent some of the formative years of my young adulthood, and which had become the focus of my academic interest. Back then, nothing brightened my day more than an email with the subject line “Ukraine rewrites its own history”.

Lossi 36 brought me closer to stories that mattered to me. Bringing people and stories together is something this team is very good at. Since becoming the editor-in-chief of Lossi 36 earlier this year, I’ve connected with journalists, analysts, and photographers from across the world. I’ve read submissions about pride parades and protest marches, climate change and coups d’etat. I’ve admired the insight, intelligence, and courage of our contributors, who week after week fill my inbox with incredible stories from Bishkek to Berlin.

To honour our two-year anniversary, and the contributors who make Lossi 36 what it is, I’ve put together a collage of some of the great photography we’ve featured over the past two years. The photos below were carefully selected but are displayed in random order. Individually, they were all once part of separate stories. Together, they tell the story of Lossi 36. It is a story that is both personal and political, grand and intimate, immediate and timeless. 

I hope you enjoy the photos below, and I hope you will join me in congratulating the editors, contributors, and readers of Lossi 36 for bringing us into our third year of telling stories. 

Louis Train
Editor-in-chief, Lossi 36