Lossi 36’s Thematic Call for Contributions — Architecture

Lossi 36’s first thematic call in 2024 is dedicated to architecture and design across Central Asia, Eastern and Central Europe, the Baltics, the Caucasus, Russia, and Southeast Europe.

Did you ever want to write about Soviet architectural heritage in China, Mikheil Saakashvili’s construction projects in Tbilisi, Uzbekistan’s embrace of Soviet mosaics, or the role of socialist art in Germany’s public spaces? Our latest call for contributions is the ideal opportunity to publish your analysis, story, interview, photo series or review in connection to the multifaceted field of architecture in one of Lossi’s regions. Our call for contributions aspires to unearth the myriad of connections of architecture with political economies, cultural discourses, political rivalries, and remembrance culture.

Send your ideas, drafts, and article proposals to editors@lossi36.com