Lossi 36’s Call for Contributions — COP 28

In late November, hundreds of delegates, journalists, activists, and heads of state will gather in Dubai to discuss policies and approaches to global warming and climate change. Lossi 36 wants to use the occasion of COP 28 for a call for articles on climate and environmental issues in Central Asia, Eastern and Central Europe, the Baltics, the Caucasus, and Southeast Europe.

Did you ever want to write about climate-driven disasters in Georgia or the environmental heritage of socialism in Central Europe? Our latest call for contributions is the ideal opportunity to publish an opinion piece, a substantial analysis, or a relevant review in relation to one of our regions. Although we take the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference as an occasion for our call, we aim for our articles to go beyond the narrow framework of multilateral climate policy. Our call aspires to connect the issues of climate and environment with political networks, historical legacies, economic structures, and cultural developments. We therefore welcome articles on topics such as resource extraction, energy security and geoeconomics, the impact of conflicts on conservation efforts, environmental protest movements, or the dynamics of climate politics.

Share your ideas, drafts, and article proposals to editors@lossi36.com