Lossi 36 Stands with Ukraine1 min read

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One year ago, Russian tanks crossed the Ukrainian border, starting a brutal war of aggression and opening a new, bloody chapter in European history. On this anniversary, Lossi 36 wants to once again express its solidarity with the Ukrainian people and condemn Russia’s unjustified invasion of Ukraine. In order to alleviate the still pressing humanitarian situation in Ukraine and to support the crucial work of volunteers, Lossi 36 started a fundraising project for the Kharkiv and Przemysl Project, which provides vital humanitarian support for refugees and helps with the reconstruction efforts in Kharkiv. All contributions and support for this project are welcome.

The war also drastically changed the way we write and report not only on Russia and Ukraine, but the wider region. Amidst vehement disinformation campaigns, thorough and inquisitive journalism and analysis is important as never before. Lossi 36 will continue to be a platform of reliable news and critical analysis for students and up-and-coming professionals.  

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