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Help us raise money for MAD (Make A Difference) Foundation because Kharkiv still needs vital humanitarian aid.

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Russia’s brutal, full-scale invasion of Ukraine has entered its sixth month. The media cycle is inevitably rolling onwards to the next big story, but the level of devastation to Ukraine’s people and their livelihoods is only increasing.

Missile attacks on Ukrainian towns and cities still occur on a daily basis. Major cities are without drinking water. Millions remain displaced from their homes, unable to return for the foreseeable future.

Since the war began, huge efforts have been made both within Ukraine and around the world to help. But this help hasn’t all reached the people who need it most. Huge international aid organisations like UNHCR, UNICEF, and Save the Children have received
massive amounts of funding for Ukraine relief, but most of this money has disappeared in a maze of internal expenses.

Members and close friends of the Lossi 36 team who have worked on the ground in Ukraine and Poland report that larger organisations are non-existent where they are needed most. Instead, it is locally-based, grassroots movements that are picking up the slack.

Now, when much-needed sources of funding are beginning to dry up, Lossi 36 is setting up a donation drive for Ukraine. We are raising funds for The Kharkiv and Przemysl Project (KHARPP), a two-pronged initiative providing vital support both for the devastated city of Kharkiv and for the enduring flow of Ukrainian refugees coming through Przemysl, Poland.

Still working on the ground long after others have left, KHARPP has delivered over 20 tonnes of food for Kharkiv, as well as nine ambulances filled with much-needed medicine and medical equipment. In Przemysl, KHARPP has provided emergency accommodation, transport support, and essential items for over 1000 families.

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