Riga in Detail: Exploring the City Through Details That Often Go Unnoticed1 min read

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Even though I was born and raised in Riga, I don’t think I knew the city until I moved to the centre.

It’s more interesting and multifaceted than I once thought. 

In the time of the virus, I meditate through my photography and writing. Both activities demand great focus on details and being present here and now.


My project Rīga detaļās (Riga in Detail) was born at a time when many things are falling apart, while others are thriving.

I wanted to know the city anew, to capture the details of the streets of Riga from one end to the other.

Riga in Detail is going to outlive this virus, and, who knows, maybe even experience a new virus. But this is not a story about viruses, this is a story about Riga, in detail. 

Details that often go unnoticed in the fast pace of a daily rush. 

Details that freeze the present moment.

Details that may not even seem worth noticing. 

Nevertheless – all these details create the face of the city in all its diversity – modesty and pompousness, beauty and ugliness.

The face of the city with springtime butterfly stickers on the ragged walls of Miera Street, half-dry oaks on Valdeķu Street, a mysterious ceramic man in Martas Street, romantic courtyards on Artilērijas Street with graffiti saying “I love you, baby!”. 

Yes, I love you, baby! 

I love you, Riga!

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