About Us

Lossi 36 is a student-led initiative. It seeks to rally people who are passionate about the post-socialist states of Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and Eurasia (CEERE) around a common project.

It is run by young people for young people because we are convinced that the changes we want to see in the world will not occur without connecting, educating and empowering the youth.

Our Aim

Lossi36 aims to become:

A leading specialized medium providing accessible and reliable coverage of CEERE to a young and non-expert audience.

A growing platform of people from different nationalities and backgrounds who are united by common values and interests.

A channel for dialogue that encourages and develops a greater understanding between different perspectives on the major political, social and cultural issues currently shaping CEERE.

Through this project, we hope to contribute to a better understanding of the region, thereby fostering curiosity, trust and solidarity between people.

Why Lossi?

If you ask us, Lossi 36 began on an early September morning in 2017, when a group of international master’s students sat down together in a small auditorium in the far reaches of Europe. What had gathered us at this address, Lossi 36, Tartu, Estonia, was a shared passion for discussing politics, society and culture related to Europe and the CEERE region.

After months of discussions, knowledge building and idea sharing, we began our journey of building a common project to create bridges between people as well as nations. Named after the place where we all once meet, this project, our very own media outlet, finally materialized in June 2018.

Welcome to lossi36.com!